The Taste of Spain and Portugal

April 29, 2016
The Taste of Spain and Portugal

Amilinda Restaurant provides a welcome addition to Milwaukee’s Downtown menagerie of international restaurants with its focus on Spanish and Portuguese food and cocktails and emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. The menu changes weekly subject to which vegetables are in season.

The space seems a bit small at first, but it’s really narrow and expansive, with an impressive granite bar stretching out for a good half of the restaurant. An open-ish kitchen allows for all kinds of wonderful scents to waft by the tables.

Promptly upon being seated, I was offered a ricotta cheese and ramp spread accompanied by Rocket Baby sourdough, which in its softness and sourness is an excellent complement to the savory spread.

A dining experience at Amilinda is well paced, and I’d recommend adjusting your expectations a bit to enjoy a luxurious meal. Order a cocktail while you wait for your appetizer—the Spanish G&T ($11) is a gin and tonic with a splash of sweet vermouth to round out the mouthfeel and give it some, well, sweetness. The Spanish Shipwreck ($10) sparkling cocktail—a mixture of rum, cava and bitters—is bright and fun. Their red wine list naturally skews towards tempranillo and garnacha, with several solid by-the-glass options.

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